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Review non-photographic and low-quality images

When adding new photos a quality score from 1 to 5 is created automatically. Photos with a quality score lower than 3 do not appear in Photos until you approve them (unless the quality filter was disabled in Settings)

The quality score depends on the following:

  • Known date and/or GPS coordinates
  • At least 2 MP resolution if taken after 2012
  • Photo not classified as info or screenshot
  • Photo is favorite, was edited or approved


In case you do not need the review mechanism you can turn it off in Settings

How to approve photos

  1. Open the photo's edit dialogue
  2. Click approve



  1. In the review section make sure you are in card view
  2. Click approve



The quality score is constantly updated. If you add date or location information to a photo or like it, the quality score increases automatically. In case the new score is equal or greater than 3 the photo is approved automatically.