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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm having issues understanding the difference between the import and originals folders?

Import is a temporary folder from which you can move or copy files to originals in a structured way that avoids duplicates. Most users with existing collections will want to index their originals directly without importing them, so that existing file and directory names stay the same. On the other hand, importing is more efficient when adding files as you don't need to re-index all originals to find new photos and videos.

What exactly does read-only mode?

There are users who don't want us to modify their original files and folders in any way, so we've added a configuration option for this use case. It will disable uploads, import and future features that might rename, update or delete files in the originals folder.

I could not find a good documentation of the config parameters in the docker-compose.yml file?

Our example configuration files are continuously maintained and documentation has been added:

Let us know if you're missing something.

I'm using an operating system without Docker support. How to install and use PhotoPrism without Docker?

In general, you would build / install it like a developer since we don't have packages for specific operating systems yet.

Instead of using Docker, you can manually type the commands listed in our development Dockerfile and replace packages with what is available in your environment. You often don't need to use the exact same versions for dependencies.

If your operating system has Docker support, we recommend learning Docker as it vastly simplifies installing and upgrading.

Do you support Podman?

Podman works just fine both in rootless and under root. Mind the SELinux which is enabled on Red Hat compatible systems, you may hit permission error problems.

More details on on how to run PhotoPrism with Podman on CentOS in this blog post, it includes all the details including root and rootless modes, user mapping and SELinux.

Do you provide LXC images?

There is currently no LXC build for PhotoPrism, see issue #147 for details.