Config Options

Variable Parameter Description
PHOTOPRISM_DEBUG --debug run in debug mode (shows additional log messages)
PHOTOPRISM_PUBLIC --public, -p no authentication required (disables password protection)
PHOTOPRISM_READONLY --read-only, -r don't modify originals directory (import and upload disabled)
PHOTOPRISM_TENSORFLOW_OFF --tf-off don't use TensorFlow for image classification (or anything else)
PHOTOPRISM_EXPERIMENTAL --experimental, -e enable experimental features
PHOTOPRISM_ADMIN_PASSWORD --admin-password value initial admin password (can be changed in settings)
PHOTOPRISM_WORKERS --workers value, -w value number of workers for indexing (default: 0)
PHOTOPRISM_WAKEUP_INTERVAL --wakeup-interval value background worker wakeup interval in seconds (default: 0)
PHOTOPRISM_SITE_URL --site-url URL public site URL (default: "http://localhost:2342/")
PHOTOPRISM_SITE_PREVIEW --site-preview URL public preview image URL
PHOTOPRISM_SITE_TITLE --site-title value site title (default: "PhotoPrism")
PHOTOPRISM_SITE_CAPTION --site-caption value short site caption (default: "Browse Your Life")
PHOTOPRISM_SITE_DESCRIPTION --site-description value long site description
PHOTOPRISM_SITE_AUTHOR --site-author value site artist or copyright
PHOTOPRISM_HTTP_PORT --http-port NUMBER http server port NUMBER (default: 2342)
PHOTOPRISM_HTTP_HOST --http-host IP http server IP address
PHOTOPRISM_HTTP_MODE --http-mode value, -m value debug, release or test
PHOTOPRISM_DATABASE_DRIVER --database-driver NAME database driver NAME (sqlite or mysql) (default: "sqlite")
PHOTOPRISM_DATABASE_DSN --database-dsn DSN data source or file name (DSN)
PHOTOPRISM_DATABASE_CONNS --database-conns NUMBER max NUMBER of open connections to the database (default: 0)
PHOTOPRISM_DATABASE_CONNS_IDLE --database-conns-idle NUMBER max NUMBER of idle connections (equal or less than open) (default: 0)
PHOTOPRISM_ASSETS_PATH --assets-path PATH assets PATH for static files like templates and TensorFlow models
PHOTOPRISM_STORAGE_PATH --storage-path PATH storage PATH for generated files like cache and index
PHOTOPRISM_IMPORT_PATH --import-path PATH optional import PATH for copying files to originals
PHOTOPRISM_ORIGINALS_PATH --originals-path PATH originals PATH for photo, video and sidecar files
PHOTOPRISM_ORIGINALS_LIMIT --originals-limit MEGABYTE file size limit for originals in MEGABYTE (default: 1000)
PHOTOPRISM_LOG_LEVEL --log-level value, -l value trace, debug, info, warning, error, fatal or panic (default: "info")
PHOTOPRISM_LOG_FILENAME --log-filename value filename for storing server logs
PHOTOPRISM_PID_FILENAME --pid-filename value filename for the server process id (pid)
PHOTOPRISM_TEMP_PATH --temp-path PATH temporary PATH for uploads and downloads
PHOTOPRISM_CONFIG_FILE --config-file FILENAME, -c FILENAME load configuration from FILENAME
PHOTOPRISM_SETTINGS_HIDDEN --settings-hidden users can not view or change settings
PHOTOPRISM_RAWTHERAPEE_BIN --rawtherapee-bin FILENAME rawtherapee-cli executable FILENAME (default: "rawtherapee-cli")
PHOTOPRISM_DARKTABLE_BIN --darktable-bin FILENAME darktable-cli executable FILENAME (default: "darktable-cli")
PHOTOPRISM_DARKTABLE_PRESETS --darktable-presets use darktable presets (disables concurrent raw to jpeg conversion)
PHOTOPRISM_SIPS_BIN --sips-bin FILENAME sips executable FILENAME (default: "sips")
PHOTOPRISM_HEIFCONVERT_BIN --heifconvert-bin FILENAME heif-convert executable FILENAME (default: "heif-convert")
PHOTOPRISM_FFMPEG_BIN --ffmpeg-bin FILENAME ffmpeg executable FILENAME (default: "ffmpeg")
PHOTOPRISM_EXIFTOOL_BIN --exiftool-bin FILENAME exiftool executable FILENAME (default: "exiftool")
PHOTOPRISM_SIDECAR_JSON --sidecar-json, -j automatically create JSON sidecar files using Exiftool
PHOTOPRISM_SIDECAR_YAML --sidecar-yaml, -y automatically backup metadata to YAML sidecar files
PHOTOPRISM_SIDECAR_PATH --sidecar-path PATH storage PATH for automatically created sidecar files (relative or absolute)
PHOTOPRISM_DETECT_NSFW --detect-nsfw flag photos as private that may be offensive
PHOTOPRISM_UPLOAD_NSFW --upload-nsfw allow uploads that may be offensive
PHOTOPRISM_GEOCODING_API --geocoding-api value, -g value geocoding api (none, osm or places) (default: "places")
PHOTOPRISM_DOWNLOAD_TOKEN --download-token SECRET SECRET url token for file downloads
PHOTOPRISM_PREVIEW_TOKEN --preview-token SECRET SECRET url token for preview images and video streaming (default: "public")
PHOTOPRISM_THUMB_FILTER --thumb-filter NAME, -f NAME resample filter NAME (best to worst: blackman, lanczos, cubic, linear) (default: "lanczos")
PHOTOPRISM_THUMB_UNCACHED --thumb-uncached, -u enable on-demand thumbnail rendering (high memory and cpu usage)
PHOTOPRISM_THUMB_SIZE --thumb-size PIXELS, -s PIXELS pre-rendered thumbnail size limit in PIXELS (720-7680) (default: 2048)
PHOTOPRISM_THUMB_SIZE_UNCACHED --thumb-size-uncached PIXELS, -x PIXELS on-demand rendering size limit in PIXELS (720-7680) (default: 7680)
PHOTOPRISM_JPEG_SIZE --jpeg-size PIXELS size limit for converted image files in PIXELS (720-30000) (default: 7680)
PHOTOPRISM_JPEG_QUALITY --jpeg-quality value, -q value choose 95 for high-quality thumbnails (25-100) (default: 92)