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Edit photo details

PhotoPrisms edit dialogue enables you to add/edit various types of metadata related to your photos/videos.

During indexing PhotoPrism collects as much data as possible from sidecar files and the photo itself.

Open the edit dialogue

From card view

  1. Click on the photos title, time or camera information


From full screen mode

  1. In the upper right corner click


From any view

  1. Select one or multiple photos
  2. Click on context menu
  3. Click


Edit Details

In the edit dialogue's Detail tab you can view and edit the following data:

  • Title
  • Day
  • Month
  • Year
  • UTC time
  • UTC date
  • Time zone
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Altitude
  • Country
  • Camera
  • ISO
  • Exposure
  • Lens
  • F Number
  • Focal Length
  • Subject
  • Artist
  • Copyright
  • License
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Notes


Apply saves changes. Ok saves changes and closes edit dialogue.


Lots of metadata like labels, keywords, title, location, camera details are generated by PhotoPrism itself during indexing. Once you change data manually PhotoPrism always keeps your data even if you index again.


Every keyword can be used in PhotoPrisms search to find photos or videos.

Edit Labels

In the edit dialogue's Label tab you can view and edit labels.

Edit Files

In the edit dialogue's Files tab you see all files that belong to a photo.

In PhotoPrism a photo can consist of multiple files like a raw file + a jpeg version of this raw file + a related xmp or json file.


To open file details click .


In case you have grouped files you can change the primary file, delete not primary files or ungroup files using the respective buttons.