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Release Notes

Our stable version and development preview now come as a single multi-arch image for AMD64, ARM64, and ARMv7. That means you don't need to pull from different Docker repositories anymore. We recommend updating your existing docker-compose.yml config based on our examples.

Development Preview

You can test our latest features and improvements by changing the image from photoprism/photoprism:latest to photoprism/photoprism:preview in your docker-compose.yml. Then pull the most recent image and restart your instance.

November 28, 2021

Build 211128-7e8974fd

With this update, official support for MySQL is discontinued as it is not feasible to perform a complete test with MySQL 8 before each release. Since important features still haven't been implemented after more than 10 years, it doesn't look like Oracle is actively supporting it anymore. We recommend upgrading to MariaDB 10.6. PostgreSQL support is planned for next year without a specific release date.

November 27, 2021

Build 211127-86c43159

When possible, location estimates now include a latitude and longitude. Photos load faster when you open them in Places, and the viewer sorts them by distance. Time zone handling has been completely reworked, in particular for UTC. The Docker base image has been upgraded to Ubuntu 21.10, which ships with Darktable 3.6 among other updated dependencies.

For our sponsors and contributors:

October 18, 2021

Build 211018-e200f322

For our sponsors and contributors:

  • UI: New Vanta dark theme ✨

October 10, 2021

Build 211010-83b4f783

We've generated missing translations with the help of DeepL and Google Translate. Native speakers are invited to help us improve those if needed. Learn how to contribute.

October 9, 2021

Build 211009-d6cc8df5`

October 7, 2021

Build 211007-8f55d6f8

For our sponsors and contributors:

October 2, 2021

Build 211002-bf015326

September 25, 2021

Build 210925-96168e4b

May 23, 2021

Build 210523-b1856b9d

May 20, 2021

Build 210520-4b32bac7

May 19, 2021

Build 210519-24b5c7e6

May 18, 2021

Build 210518-80981c25

May 5, 2021

Build 210505-d3e53a89

April 26, 2021

Build 210426-da6e948f

April 22, 2021

Build 210422-97e75b04

February 22, 2021

Build 210222-ac5a9d5e

February 17, 2021

Build 210217-49039368

February 16, 2021

Build 210216-4939e36a

February 11, 2021

Build 210211-b9595dd4

February 8, 2021

Build 210208-9e10ba69

January 28, 2021

Build 210128-a82061e0

January 21, 2021

Build 210121-07e559df

January 20, 2021

Build 210120-e7cd5e9a

January 19, 2021

Build 210119-a5399f06

For our sponsors and contributors:

January 11, 2021

Build 210111-cc05c430

January 4, 2021

Build 210104-7f9e806a

January 2, 2021

Build 210102-af71e5f7

  • WebDAV: Uploads and other changes trigger auto indexing / importing
  • Config: Use random hash for improved preview token security
  • UX: Disabled page zoom so that app feels more native on mobile devices
  • UX: Reduced min password length to 4 characters
  • UX: Improved docker-compose.yml examples
  • UX: Reduced icon size in "add to album" dialog

December 31, 2020

Build 201231-8e22fbf8

  • Initial Stable Release