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Release Notes

Preview Builds

Update your docker-compose.yml to use photoprism/photoprism:preview instead of photoprism/photoprism:latest for testing our development preview. The preview image for ARM64 is photoprism/photoprism-arm64:preview.

January 21, 2021

210121-07e559df-Linux-x86_64, 210121-07e559df-Linux-aarch64

January 20, 2021

210120-e7cd5e9a-Linux-x86_64, 210120-e7cd5e9a-Linux-aarch64

January 19, 2021

210119-a5399f06-Linux-x86_64, 210119-a5399f06-Linux-aarch64

January 11, 2021

210111-cc05c430-Linux-x86_64, 210111-cc05c430-Linux-aarch64

January 4, 2021

210104-7f9e806a-Linux-x86_64, 210104-7f9e806a-Linux-aarch64

January 2, 2021

210102-af71e5f7-Linux-x86_64, 210102-af71e5f7-Linux-aarch64

  • WebDAV: Uploads and other changes trigger auto indexing / importing
  • Config: Use random hash for improved preview token security
  • UX: Disabled page zoom so that app feels more native on mobile devices
  • UX: Reduced min password length to 4 characters
  • UX: Improved docker-compose.yml examples
  • UX: Reduced icon size in "add to album" dialog

December 31, 2020

201231-8e22fbf8-Linux-x86_64, 201231-8e22fbf8-Linux-aarch64

  • Initial Stable Release