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Running PhotoPrism on a Raspberry Pi

Big thank you to Guy Sheffer for building this!

Simply download our docker-compose.yml (edit to change config) and run docker-compose up to start PhotoPrism:

sudo docker-compose up

Image name on Docker Hub: photoprism/photoprism-arm64

Operating System and Hardware Requirements

You need to boot your Raspberry Pi ¾ with the parameter arm_64bit=1 in config.txt to be able to use this image. A fast SD card and 4 GB of RAM are recommended, in addition you might want to add swap for large photo collections.

Make sure your docker compose configuration contains the following setting:

      - seccomp:unconfined

Alternatively, you can run the image on UbuntuDockerPi. It's a 64bit Ubuntu Server with Docker pre-installed.

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