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Running PhotoPrism on a Raspberry Pi

Download our docker-compose.yml file (right click and Save Link As... or use wget) to a folder of your choice, change the configuration as needed, and run docker-compose up to start PhotoPrism:

sudo docker-compose up -d

Change Password

Please change PHOTOPRISM_ADMIN_PASSWORD so that PhotoPrism starts with a secure initial password. Never use photoprism, or other easy-to-guess passwords, on a public server. A minimum length of 4 characters is required.

See Setup Using Docker Compose and Config Options for details.

All commands may have to be prefixed with sudo when not running as root. Note that this will change the home directory ~ to /root in your configuration.

Our repository on Docker Hub: photoprism/photoprism-arm64

System Requirements

You need to boot your Raspberry Pi 3 / 4 with the parameter arm_64bit=1 in config.txt in order to use this image. Alternatively, you may run the image on UbuntuDockerPi. It's a 64bit Ubuntu Server with Docker pre-installed.

Indexing large photo and video collections significantly benefits from fast, local SSD storage and enough memory for caching.

To avoid permission issues, docker-compose.yml should include the following security options:

      - seccomp:unconfined
      - apparmor:unconfined

Big thank you to Guy Sheffer for building this!

Reducing Server Load

If you're running out of memory - or other system resources - while indexing, please limit the number of workers by setting PHOTOPRISM_WORKERS to a value less than the number of logical CPU cores in docker-compose.yml. Also make sure your server has swap configured so that indexing doesn't cause restarts when there are memory usage spikes. As a measure of last resort, you may additionally disable image classification using TensorFlow.