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User Interface Settings

In Settings you can configure properties of your photo library, user interface and places.


Library Settings

Hide Private

Photos/videos marked as private do NOT appear in Photos, Videos, Favorites, Labels, Places and shared albums in case this option is selected.

Quality Filter

When selected, non-photographic photos/videos like screenshots and low-quality photos need to be reviewed before they appear in Photos or Videos.

Convert to JPEG

JPEGs are created for RAW files during indexing in case they do not yet exist. JPEGs will be stored in the same folder next to the original.


In case this is disabled and there is a RAW file without a JPEG there will be no preview.

Group Sequential

Related files will be grouped when selected. Grouped files will have one primary file that is shown in our views. You find your grouped files in Stacks.

User Interface Settings

You can change the theme and language of the User interface.

To make PhotoPrism suite your individual needs the following sections and functionalities can be en- or disabled. Disabled sections do not appear in the main navigation.


When disabled, uploading files via upload is not possible. This might be useful when you grant others access to your PhotoPrism but do not want them to upload photos.


When disabled, no files can be downloaded.


When disabled, album sharing and upload to remote services like Nextcloud is not possible.


When disabled, there is no Archive. Photos that have been archived beforehand will appear in Photos/Videos.


When disabled, it is not possible to edit photo information.


When disabled, there is no Originals section.


When disabled, there is no Moments section.


When disabled, there is no Labels section and you cannot add or edit labels.


When disabled, there is no Library section.


When disabled, there is no possibility to import photos. You need to use index instead to add new photos.


When disabled, server logs are not shown.


When disabled, there is no Places section.

Places Settings

You can configure a map style and the speed of the places animation.