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In all sections you can use the search bar to find certain photos, videos, albums or labels.

You can search for all kind of things:

  • Objects that are displayed on the photo
  • The main color of the photo
  • The filename or foldername of a photo
  • Location where the photo has been taken
  • ...

Just try it!



In case you want to search for multiple things at once, enter the terms separated by a space.

A search for cat blue berlin will find all photos that either display a cat, have blue as main color or have been taken in Berlin.


Additionally to the search you can set filters for:

  • Country
  • Year
  • Order
  • Camera
  • Lens
  • Color
  • Category

In case you set multiple filters only photos are shown in the search result that fulfill all filter criteria.



You can use filters as well in the search bar like this:

label:cat color:green type: live

You find the full list of filters below.


Search filter

PhotoPrism allows you to use multiple filters in its search.

Filter Examples
label cat
color purple, magenta, pink, red, orange, gold, yellow, lime, green, teal, cyan, blue, brown, white, grey, black
before 2009-01-02
after 2006-01-02
type image, video, raw, live
name "IMG_9831-112*", "IMG_9831-112"
original "IMG_9831-112*", "IMG_9831-112"
country "de"
state "Baden-Württemberg", "Baden*"
title "Holiday*", "Holiday / 2012"
lat 38.300457
lng 8.931358
fmin 1.8
fmax 4.5
chroma 5
year 2012
month 5
day 23
quality 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
panorama true, false
scan true, false
favorite true, false
archived true, false
private true, false
review true, false
unsorted true, false
stack true, false
mono true, false
portrait true, false
error true, false
hidden true, false